Live at St Columb’s Hall

“Live at St Columb’s Hall” was funded by Innovate UK and the Department for Economy – it is part of a major regeneration project to bring St Columb’s Hall back to life –  creating a virtual concert hall so that audiences can once again experience one of Ireland’s premier music venues.

360 Tour

Discover the history and heritage of St Columb’s Hall. This amazing space has given generations their first chance to perform, hosted revolutionary thinkers fighting for the right to vote and to organise and was the stage for world class cinema, music and contemporary art

Virtual Conversations

Hidden History of St Columb’s Hall: Eleanor Marx, Emmeline Pankhurst and Margaret Cousins

Thurs 29th April 2021 | 2pm

Pioneers of the women’s rights movement visited St Columb’s Hall more than a century ago and this April, Friends of the Factories remember their visits, their significance and impact in a socially distanced and virtual conversation featuring:

  • Helen Pankhurst
  • Dr Charles Munro
  • Eamonn McCann
  • Mary Durkan
  • Derry Trades Union Council

360 Livestream

Nialler Presents… Live at St Columb’s Hall

Curated by leading Irish music blogger, Nialler9, “Live at St Columb’s Hall” is a livestream series, also available in 360, showcasing Ireland’s most exciting musical talent.

Nealo + Jehnova

Friday 18th June | 9pm

Event Nealo

Soda Blonde + Fia Moon

Friday 25th June | 9pm

Event Soda