About Us

St Columb’s Hall Trust is a registered charity, established in 2019 to regenerate St Columb’s Hall and contribute positively to our community.

Our Vision

St Columb’s hall is a strategically important building sitting adjacent to the City walls and between two large contemporary structures. The interface with the Walls has enormous potential for development. The Hall is in a landmark site, spanning 45,000 square feet.

St Columb’s Hall Trust aims to:

  • bring St Columb’s Hall back to life as a living, breathing building.
  • contribute positively to the regeneration of one of our city’s Grade A Listed properties – benefiting tourism, the citizens of the city as a whole and also those who live and work in the city centre
  • set down a plan of action and a programme for regeneration work to ensure that the building is properly managed to sustain its value to the City and region
  • imbue citizens, neighbouring properties and public and private sector investors with confidence in the possibilities of a regenerated city centre area
  • rigorously testing new, ambitious, relevant services and opportunities
  • contribute to making the city centre a thriving, visually attractive area so that people will be encouraged to live and spend more time in it
  • create the opportunity to share this resource with the wider community and beyond
  • encourage the local community to actively participate in sustaining this historic resource encouraging a sense of ownership
  • ensure that this very significant place is managed to sustain its cultural, historical, aesthetic and communal value.

Our Trustees

  • Conal McFeely (Chairperson)
  • Gerard Gallagher
  • David Gavaghan
  • Helen Quigley